The top 5 on what NOT to do in Japanese street fashion! Mariya her no go’s!

Just my opinion ~


5. Don’t be all weeaboo about it , simple example; “I’m wearing decora because it’s so KAWAIII desu desu!” … That’s just yucky and I don’t want to go near you anymore. Wonder why people disslike you when you do that? You’re trying to hard to be something you’re not…


4. Don’t be a brand fangirl.. example 2 “I only wear angelic pretty! If you don’t wear angelic pretty you’re lameee!” … Japanese street fashion is experimenting and being unique.. Only wearing one company is boring! Be creative!!!

3. Cosplay is not a type of fashion! It’s a hobby.. Find your own style! And cosplay at cons/festivals and meetings.


2. Don’t ever start a fight with people on the streets who call you ugly, ignore it and be proud of the way you dress!


1. Be boring! Have fun with it, because it’s all about expressing yourself!

thanks for reading! And enjoy the stupid Romanian J-rock girl meme I included! I love that chick! Image

Style track (4): Yamanba

Yamanba girls in the streets of Shibuya-Tokyo

Girls that look like fierce pandas were a hype around 2000/2001. These tanned girls wanted to rebel and stand out.
Yamanba girls were famous for gathering in large groups ( Gal-Cir) in the streets of Shibuya , together they danced (para para, the spazz dance..)  and did their make-up.  Yamanba doesn’t really exist anymore and I really do miss it! I love the attitude and the fashion!

Most Japanese people said that Yamanba girls were annoying and reeked of rotten fish , but what is there not to love about them? They are social, funny and cool girls!~ I’d give them an 8 out of 10 any day, just because I miss them..

Venus Angelic, Dakota Rose …my opinion.

There’s a hype on the internet, a girl some people adore..And that others hate.

Venus “Angelic” Palermo, a sixteen year old girl who wants to look like a doll..
She bleaches her skin and her hair, wears huge circle lenses and tries to look as “Kawaii” as possible.

Many people hate her because of her squeeky voice (Venus claims it’s her real voice) and her weeaboo behaviour. ( The ; “I want to look kawaii and like a doll and pyon pyon Venus desu.” part..)

I don’t know what to think about her, she’s cute, yet incredibly fake.

And she was the one who started the whole I want to look like a real life doll trend amongst young girls.

Venus is not the only living doll , there’s also Dakota Rose, the little sister of the famous online scene model Kiki Kannibal.

While I honestly believe that Venus is just an innocent weeaboo that loves lolita clothes and all that stuff, Dakota is a liar and a homophobe. She photoshops her videos and pictures and acts like an innocent girl, but she’s not 16.. She’s 20 and pathetic. And in the past she made a lot of videos with her famous emo sis showing how much she hates lesbians.


So remember friends, underneath all the slap they put on their face, and things they claim to be, these “kawaii kawaii desu” girls are mostly rotten brats.


(On the left: Dakota Rose, on the right: Venus Angelic)

Style track (3): Dolly Kei

Real porcelain dolls walking in Harajuku district? Yes, girls dressing in “Dolly Kei” , translated as doll style are normal these days. They dress in vintage clothes, have their hair in long wavy curls and have really sweet faces that make you go “Aww, can I take you home?”.
It’s not quite sweet lolita , and not gyaru… It’s a style on his own that just happens to look like many other styles that were randomly combined!

My rating : 6,7/10 .. I’ve seen this before, it’s cute nontheless.

120805-7051: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Aqua Doll, CHRISTY, Anna Sui, IamI)

Model : Kasumi
Picture belongs to:

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, from cute little girl to Harajuku ambassador

Who doesn’t know her by now, Takemura Kiriko, better known as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
Kyary got famous by blogging about Harajuku fashion (just like I am doing right now!!) , later on she was a model for various fashion magazines in Japan. And this famous lady is only 19!

Besides writing Kyary also has musical talent, she had a huge breaktrough with her song “PonPonPon” . It became a top hit , a youtube sensation and all cool kids were doing the famous dance.

Kyary also proved herself to be a good businesswoman, teaming up with budget fashion brand G.U ( for one of her music videos, she was the new face of the company.

And then , the icing on the cake, Kyary got the title “Harajuku Kawaii ambassador.”  By the mayor of Shibuya, Tokyo. She happily accepted the title and gave a little performance to the audience there in a really stunning dress.

 Kyary is one ambitious girl who shows that you just have to stay yourself and do what you’re best at, and that you don’t have to be “normal” to achieve great hights. 

Kyary , the new ambassador of Harajuku:


(Image by


Style track (2): Nagomu

A blast from the past, the so called Nagomu style.
Nerdy quirky girls following the band Uchoten and the bands signed to their record label Nagomu.
Often spotted wearing berets, flowery frocks and shoes with thick soles, they did not dress to impress but to belong.
These girls might not have been the most social types, but I absolutely love this style (not to mention that uchoten is one of my absolute favourite bands!) I wear it almost every day!

Rating: Even though the style is not around anymore in the Tokyo fashion scene, I’ll still give it a 9/10.

Now let’s enjoy some Uchouten together:


Populair J-rock band An-Cafe back from their hiatus!

I’m so happy! The boys from an cafe are back from their break ready to make great music!
The boys of the Japanese Oshare-Kei band decided to take a break to regain inspiration, and after a couple of years they are back! To celebrate they held a little festival called “Ancafesta”, and obviously the fangirls were there to celebrate! Leading to really cute DIY outfits!

I’m looking forward to the new album release!

Pictures and info by:

Style track 1: Neo Japanese

In these episodes I’ll introduce you to some styles that cought my eye lately.

This style is quite the unique one. Japanese youngsters combining oldskool Japanese kimonos, yukatas and haoris with casual everyday fashion. This really is a way to transform that old festival yukata into a slick and comfortable outfit.

My rating: 8 out of 10 on the awesomeness scale, but then again I have a weak for people in kimono.

(Model: Tomoya(25,student) Picture belongs to: )

Welcome to Moshi Moshi Mariya

Moshi Moshi!

I’ll be blogging about everything involving Japanese street fashion and some Japanese youth culture.

My Name is Mariya, I’m 18 years old and I live in the Netherlands.
I’ve worn many Japanese fashion styles like decora,gyaru,lolita and oshare kei.

I collect bjd’s , cosplay,draw and love photography. I have a weak for alternative fashion.

I hope that you’ll read my blog and get inspired by it.

x  Mariya